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Covid-19 Preparedness Protocols

To enable the reopening our Evening IOP SUD Program, The Center has established the
following Safety Protocols:

1. To keep our community and staff safe from Covid-19 spread
2. Provide an atmosphere where clients can successfully engage in treatment


I. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The Center will provide masks to all clients and staff entering the building. Masks are
to be worn when in the building at all times, except when seated in group.

II. Temperature Scanning

All Clients and staff entering the building will be scanned for a fever using an infrared touchless thermometer. If a temperature reads 99 degrees or above the individual  will be directed to leave the building, or escorted to an isolation room awaiting pickup.

III. Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer will be available at the facility entrance and in the group rooms.

IV. Social Distancing

All groups will be held with CDC-recommended social distancing protocols.


V. Signage

Signs outlining our policies and CDC recommended best practices will be
posted in the entrance ways and group rooms.

VI. Questionnaire

All Persons entering the facility for the first time will be required to
complete a Covid-19 Questionnaire. If an individual answers yes to any of the questions presented they will not be allowed to return to the facility for 14 days or, pending a negative Covid-19 test result.

VII. Designated Isolation Room

The Center will have designated isolation rooms in the event 1 or more people are
showing signs of a possible Covid-19 infection.

VIII. Covid-19 Testing

All clients and staff attending our program will be required to get a Covid-19 test
from our lab.

IX. Cleaning

The Center facility and group rooms will be cleaned and sanitized in accordance
with CDC guidelines before each treatment day begins.